How to View A Kamishibai

This section was never meant to be built on this site but people do seem to be having trouble with the whole Kamishibai concept.  What this site is about is the online Kamishibai, not the traditional Japanese Kamishibai.  So the basic reason to read this is that you've decided to go ahead and read an online Kamishibai, but are having some trouble doing just that.  I'll try to get this down step by step as best as I possibly can.  

Step 1: Choose a Viewer

Kamishibai uses sounds, music, art, and writing all together to tell a story.  You can't do all that smoothly without utilizing a program of some kind. 

On this site I have the three Programs for viewing Kamis as well as the sites they come from linked up.  You do not need all three.  Simply pick one, and since you're just starting out I honestly would suggest getting the Accursed Toys viewer because it's easiest to use.  

So download that and let's get to the next step.  

Step 2: Installing your Viewer

The First step was easy because you were simply selecting a viewer.  Kid stuff right?  

Well now ya gotta install the program you just downloaded.  This is basically hands free stuff.  

Double Click the program exe file so that you can run the installation program.  Basically in this case you need to follow the instructions you're given.  But I would like to tell you to put it all in your "Program Files" folder on your "C Drive".  Because it'll do you very little good to have it all in My Documents.

Step 3: Program Installed.  Now you want to View a Kamishibai

Okay so you've got the Kamishibai program installed on your C drive in the program files folder.  So the line of data or the properties of the folder should read like this: "C:\Program Files\Accursed Toys\"

No the folder will not say Kamishibai if the viewer you installed is the Accursed Toys Viewer.  It's different for each viewer however. 

If you have the Accursed Toys viewer you might want to stop and view the story it comes with by opening up the Kamishibai program and selecting the story file.  It should be in there and easy to view.  

But that's besides the point.  In order to view a kamishibai the story must be inside the stories folder here:  "C:\Program Files\Accursed Toys\Kamishibai\Stories" If the story isn't in there you can't view it.  The program has no other way to find the folder.  

Kamishibai stories will always come in folder that holds the text, sounds, music, and images.  If you get your files from here or Otaku World they've been turned into exe files already so when the exe program for unloading the kami folder asks you where you want the folder to go you have to say "C:\Program Files\Accursed Toys\Kamishibai". However not all Kamishibai files are already exe files.

That means you'll have to go in and manually copy and paste the folder into the Stories folder. 

Step 4: Have fun!

That's pretty much the gist of it.  Then you just open the program from Start --> Programs ---> Kamishibai

Go to "New Game" and that'll allow you to look at what stories you have in the Kamishibai "Stories" folder. 

Well I hope that was helpful.  Any questions and you can contact me at ""

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