The Astralogy of an Android

You may later see that Androids are often judged by their Affinity Chip.  These chips are given to only certain droids during certain times of the year.  They determine what uses the droids best have.  You'll find many employers that'll only choose droids based on their chips.  This is because Linda Goldman of Pluto's armada left her post she came to Earth and studied metaphysics for quite some time.  After she was defamed for a scandal involving a hotline she went to Clover University in Massachusetts to study the science of robotics.  Upon learning of the Affinity Chips she made a book titled "Models of Affinity, and An Archetypal Journey".  It sold like hotcakes.  Everyone was reading this book that turned the Affinity chips studies into a Zodiac like comparison.  There are the types and what they mean:  

Eve Chip (Day of Eve)  #000AOC (AOC=Affinity Origin Chip)

   The possessing this affinity chip are often unpredictable.  Their chips were the first to be made and there for have unlimited possibilities.  They are unconditionally loving and and gentle beings and completely subservient.  They best forms of occupations for them are those of Teachers, Nannies, and caretakers of sorts.  There is little else known about the Eve chip since a proper study was never made.  

Water Chip (Day of Waves)  #96112AC (AC=Affinity Chip)

    Compassion rules the lives of these individuals.  They long for companionship and give off waves of love in droves.  The characteristic that best describes them is that they are given artificial pheromones to keep those around them calm.  The occupations that suite these individuals are Performers, Escorts, Prostitutes, Concubines, Musicians, Psychologists, and Human resource officers.  Androids of this year with be gentle to children, but often are careless with the old.

Earth Chip (Day of the Plow)  #24912AC

   Hard labor and work complete the lives of these droids.  Their chips give them a love of labor, not really to humans.  They are often of average intelligence and don't like to be taught anything that is of an aesthetic value.  Beauty and overt compassion are a sign of weakness.  Their good occupations are as field hands, workers in hard labor, firemen, policemen, postal workers, freight drivers, and child care specialists.  When it comes to children they have a firm hand and a gentle heart.  Most droids do.  Their big characteristic is their strength.

Air Chip (Day of the Pilot)  #111012AC

    These droids where made to pilot near anything.  They are often jovial and happy, very charmismatic.  It is almost impossible to get one of these angry.  With their positive outlook on life they love horseplay and bantering with peers.  Good occupations for those with the air chip are of course piloting, dare devils work, space ship maneuvers, undersea lab workers, and construction workers.  Each one of them is given jets in the soles of their feet to fly for approximately 20 seconds. 

Fire Chip (Day of Competitors) #46712AC

    No chip seems more loyal than that of Fire.  Their passion is unbridled and their will is indomitable.  To keep them down will never work for long, they are natural born fighters, who fighting prowess is usually quite good upon production.  The fire chips main flair is the that it will not attack anyone who is not making an type of hostile behavior, unless the one the android is loyal to bids them to do so.  These droids can be found in illegal Fighting Rings, as Bodyguards, and sometimes as security or civil servants.  They are almost excellent judges of character.

Analytical Chip (Day of Psychics)  #49343EM (EM= Empathy Matrix)

    After year of Affinity chips scientists decided to make the Androids even more humanistic.  They formed the Empathy matrix, which wasn't a chip like it's predecessors, but a unit that was like the brain.  With electric pulses and hemispheres.  The first one to be made was the Analytical one.  It allowed the unit to watch humans to trace their motives and thoughts.  It let nothing they did go unnoticed and registered everything.  This often makes people feel uncomfortable.  All these droids were also made with thin strands made of titanium.  These strands can be protruded through the pores of the unit to lift objects.  It would take 5 strands to lift a pencil, and 1,000 strands to lift a small child.  Each unit possesses only a million of these strands.  Analytical droids are good for Interrogation Officers, Law Enforcers, Judges, and Detectives.  They could have many other uses, but they make others so uncomfortable that they rarely get the chance.

Scatter Chip (Day of the Klutz)  #481612EM

    After the slight failure of the #49343EM scientists decided to greatly tone down the perceptive ability of the matrixes.  The proved to be even more folly.  They had basically given these people horrible motor skills and an aversion to be one the dumb side of life.  Not to say all of these droids are stupid, some can be said to be genius units.  However, they still have bad coordination.  Units with this matrix are very naive and this in turn makes them calm gentle people.  They love to have fun, but are limited as to what fun is.  Occupations for them a Secretaries, Lab assistants, Writers, and low level jobs.  They can have those professions because, despite an stupidity, they have great skill in whatever they but their minds to.

Intuition Chip (Day of Calm)  #49343EM~2

    Trying to atone for failure again the scientist tried to find a cross between the last two models.  They come up with the intuition chip.  The androids having this installed are often quiet and introverted.  The have both grace and poise in most situations.  The make good escorts, servants, and are often made into political spies.  They can make out human patterns of behavior very effective, which also makes them good psychologists.

Love Chips (Day of Humanity)  #166412AC

    Giving up on the Empathy Matrix, scientist created two new chips that would work in humanities favor.  One of which was the love chip.  This chip came closest to have the droids give the illusion of being able to fall in love like other human beings.  They stick up for human rights and can be as loyal as the androids with the fire chips installed.  It is never hard for Love Chip Droids to get jobs, since they can fit in almost anywhere.  The laid back and comforting mood of love chip droids makes them very popular.

War Chip (Day of Starless)  #3125912TAC (TAC = Tactical Apathy Chip)

    All of these droids possess eyes that shine in a peculiar way.  They have no pupils and can only see things in spectrum of grey.  They were all made for war and cannot have colors distracting them.  Unlike all other chips these droids have no problem with taking human lives to aid them in their final goals.  Destruction of the opposite side.  Once these droids are inducted to fight they are undeniably the most loyal of all the chips ever made.  They cannot simulate being in love because it would not aid in war.  Killing is the only pleasure they get, and they do it well. 

Compatibility OF Chips

There are three compatibility groups.  Water is compatible with all other groups so it's not included.  Group one and two can easily fall in love.  Group Two and three and neutral, it depends on the droids.  Groups One and Three can never really get along, they have horrible compatibility. 

Group One

Eve Chip

Fire Chip

Love Chip

Group Two

Earth Chip

Scatter Chip

War Chip

Group Three

Air Chip

Analytical Chip

Intuition Chip Chip