As you should all well know, The Big Top is a play based on my dreams.  The people in it are representations of people I know in real life.  My theory is however, that you pick people as friends that mirror you, as you would do with enemies.  Unless your completely irrational that's what you would do anyway, and if your irrational it's highly unlikely your reading my play anyway, or would be rational?  My bad, only rational people wouldn't read it.  Oh well, the point IS that the people hold close hold aspects of our mind.  So besides every character being a symbol or someone else they also represent things in my mind.  That's why when I write I don't know what's going on, I let it all flow from the subconscious.  The thing I'm trying to get at is that even though it's a dream and everything, you have to realize that even in a dream there is a past, present, and future.  They just happen all at once.  Fact to remember:  Time and Space are nonexistent in a dream.  Got it?  So let's get on to the wonderful History of one of our many antagonists, Bacchus a.k.a. The Bondage Prince.

   It was the beginning of time that this family came into existence.  In the world of Big Top (My Mind), everything is predominately pagan.  Keep that in mind.  So in the beginning the world will have been created and the universe generated prior to that.  No life yet, heaven had a bit of a struggle.  God was killed way back when, he didn't even get to help create the universe.  He was weak to say the least and pathetic.  So what was left was the angels, his murders.  Absolutely perfect in all respects they themselves created another race, The Gods.  Sadly they were ALL equal and the angels wanted Superiority.  The races had a war and soon a peace.  They'd make a new God, an android, and HE would tell everyone what to do.  So they submitted to this being.  The Gods created the Communications System:  Shekinah.  Capable of comprehending all languages and able to compute everything.  This was dubbed "Holy Ghost Q".  The Gods also made "Messiah Ginko" forced to work with Shekinah and receiving no name it became jealous.  Mind you this is all electronics given emotions and well as force.  He destined himself to come back in different reincarnations to outdo Shekinah at all costs.  He has been Jesus, Nimrod, Joan of Arc, King Arthur, and many more.  His part is major in this little history.  The Angels made a thing called "The Matrix Diviner"  the brain, the web that would bind them all.  We all tuned into this matrix net thingie.  So that means in the Martian Epic stuff the only people who worship the true God are the androids, go fig huh?  They're supposed to be the inferior ones.  So this giant android was made and the Angels rejoiced.  A jubilee went on for sometime before this new God told everyone to stop and concentrate on this new project.  It wanted them to create life.  During one these many "Life Projects" It wanted to make humanity.  It decided to send 4 angels to the 4 corners of the Earth to find soil to make the first human.  They all failed except the angel of death.  Israfel, angel of Resurrection and song, was one of those who failed.  He went to the East side where "Messiah Ginko" was waiting for him.  "Messiah Ginko"  said that the best place to look was in a cave where water flowed backwards. 
    Israfel thanked his master and flew off to look for this spot.  What he instead found was Lucifer getting ready to start his revolution.  Lucifer knew that "God" was mad, and that these "Life Projects"  were his attempts to destroy anything and everything in existence.  Lucifer had already begun, in conjunction with the angel of death, setting things inside of these living creatures called "souls".  This "soul" invention was made out of an indestructible silk, so resilient that not even the power of "God" would stop it.  The "soul" was designed to make the living abomination deteriorate no matter how hard the life energy fought back.  Eventually the "soul"  would eat the body up until it could no longer function.  It was the only way to save the new creations.  But Israfel did not understand when he spied on Lucifer's congregation.  He planned to tell everyone immediately upon leaving.  But his footing was faulty.  He slipped, and made so much noise that he was caught.  Lucifer decided to try and implant this soul creation in Israfel as a test of it's limitations.  This was a bad decision.

    The reaction was horrible.  Lucifer had used his own essence to make this particular soul, and the combination of ethereal energies blew up in both their faces.  Israfel became impregnated with something and no one in the congregation knew what to do.  It was decided that Israfel should be left to die in the cave.  Everyone left him there and sealed up the cavem but Lucifer stayed behind.  Watching Israfel in pain he decided to take him somewhere more honorable to die than in a damp cave.  He took him to Bondoskiana.  An Island in the Sea of Serenity on the Moon.  On the Island Israfel's "soul"  ate him alive and in his place the soul had taken on the form of a young woman, with raven hair and brown eyes.  This creature made Lucifer unsteady.  He dubbed her Jasmina and watched her grow as she roamed the land.  Eventually when he figured her out he raped her and she too became pregnant with some spawn of his.  When it was born he took it back to the Earth and left Jasmina to die on Bondoskiana.  By that time the returned civilization had erupted and the angels were no where to be found.  Somehow the gods had ushered the angels to go elsewhere and where having their time on Earth.  The child, now grown from the journey from the Moon to the Earth, was named Aphrodite.  It came in on a shell, seemingly made out of sea foam.  Thus the first real member of the Bondoskiana family line came about.  She was the first to manipulate and snare the hearts of humanity and the gods.  She could have anything she wanted. 
      That was the beginning of course.  She became with child later and became a goddess of absolute greed.  She gave birth to her son on Bondoskiana in homage to her dead mother.  Thus that became a tradition.  Also what became a tradition was that of having sons; Only sons and nothing but.  Except during the time when Julia Felix was born unto Pompeii.  She was the only female to be born and the Bondoskiana family tied to pass her off as a boy.  It didn't go well with the other gods and she was killed.  Another child was conceived of course, but the problem was, what to do about the other gods power.  It was decided that the power MUST be recycled.  Already in the family line there were quiet a few kings of Californication (Greed).  So they decided that they would give up their own power to make their family stronger.  The new Prince was told to eat each and everyone of them, so that he would have their powers for himself.  He did, and became insanely powerful, but he was alone.  He needed an heir.  Those before him had queens that lived with them for the rest of their lives, but he had them killed once he had eaten his father and uncles.  So he went in search of companionship.  He came upon Didoera, who adamantly told him she would have nothing to do with him.  Even when he tried to manipulate her with his power she resisted.  He could have forced himself on her, but that would not work, he wanted the challenge.  He tried many things, but they did not work.  Then one day he suddenly disappeared.  Didoera at first showed no interest in this fact.  Then she became increasingly worried about his absence.  She had not realized how much she had been used to him in her life.  She asked the people of her village where he might have gone.  They all pointed up to the planet Venus.  She was so shocked by his behavior that she went into a flustered kind of grieving.  Upon his return to Earth, the child, Herephtus, took her as his.  She once again tried to get rid of him, she may have missed him but she had standards.  So while she slept he kidnapped her and took her to his kingdom on Venus.  There they had a son and everyone rejoiced. But that would not last.  Herephetus became bored and killed her for amusement, then sent his son to live in Bondoskiana, the only child not born on the island.  It was there that young Diocide learned and grew with power.  When the time came he too ate his father to continue the recycling and increase of power.  So continued those traditions.  Only sons would be born into the family, and only one child was ever had by one King.  Once the child was born on Bondoskiana he was raised there and ruled there, and took on the Title of Bondage Prince.  His Father always had the absolute power over men, gods, and all else.  He was revered as the King of Californication.  Once the time came and the prince was at his peak of power he would always eat the father to keep the cycle of power growing.  But their lot was never the same.  Every Prince and King was different and manipulated in different ways.  Some kindly, others with cruelty, and in between.  Some killed their mates and others took them to the grave with them.  There are a great many stories about their adventures, because every one of them was destined to have an interesting life.  Mainly because they each lived for CENTURIES!  The main ally and enemy of the House of Bondoskiana was the house of Deribus Lunar, the children of destiny. 

      Now it may seem strange that all of that happened, but you have to remember it's in my head.  That's the history; It's "all she wrote" whether or not it makes sense.  You have to remember that TIME does not exist in dreams.  You should also know that when the people of Earth colonized their first planet, which WAS Venus, they didn't even know who was there.  The Kingdom of Californication wasn't even visible to them.  The first settlers were bold and courageous, so the current king took advantage of them, and his people mixed with them to create all kinds of weird beings.  So began the Gods of the Martian Epic.  Simeon, Sophia, Jena, Algernon, Echo, and the others came from these unions in some form or another.  Bondoskiana was eventually discovered and it became a real nation.  Later Californication too became a legitimate nation.  On a whole 'NOTHER planet!  It was moved to Saturn to see what could be done there.  So that's it, my brain hurts now.  If you have questions then mail me ( and ask.  I may make another author's note about it.  Have fun now!  Bye!