The Kamishibai Viewers

     Okay, so you've either decided that you want to read some Kamis or make one of your own.  Well you're going to most certainly need a viewer if you plan to do anything.  Choosing the viewer you want is your main priority.  But what about these viewers?  Why are there different types if this was made by Accursed Toys?  Which one is best for me?  Will I need to pay for something in order to get a viewer?  Why is it that I have to keep taking algebra even when I don't need it?  Well...I don't know the answer to the last one (Well aye do, but it be awfully cynical, arg me matey) but let me give you some perspective on the viewers.

About Kamishibai Viewers

     First off you should NEVER have to pay anything to get a Kamishibai viewer.  Period.  I'm sure no one will try to charge you, but if they do then screw them and the horse they rode in on. 

     Well with that said let's get onto the meat of the issue.  Kamishibai Players/Viewers can be quite different and have strengths and weaknesses.  Some of these internal, others exceedingly external.  I hope to go over those issues here the best I can and have you make up your own mind about that stuff.  To note I will host Kamis made by any of the viewers.  I have links to the players and files at the bottom of the page. Remember you can't read a Kamishibai story WITHOUT a viewer.  


Now onto those strengths and weaknesses, shall we? 

The first of the bunch.  You can find this viewer hosted on Otaku World.

Strength: The main strength of this viewer is it's popularity.  Not that it has raving fan girls chasing it but just about EVERY Kamishibai maker uses this viewer.  Also a another good point is that Otaku World (main home of Kamishibai) will host these.  To my knowledge they will not host Kamis made with other viewers.  Still this is a good starting point if you plan to MAKE Kamishibai.  It teaches you several things, and is easier to find technical support for. 

Weakness: In comparison to other Viewers it can be very restrictive.  You may have only 4 options for your Kami, which hampers making games.  You only get a certain number of frames to make an animation (32 frames). Not to mention the image sizes.  Personally I think the image size issue creates some creative discipline, but that's just me.  It can be frustrating. 

Overall: The Beginner's player.  If you just need something to view things with then go for it.  This is probably the player for you.  And if you ARE just starting out then start here, but that's only my opinion. 

Yep, you heard me.  I said "The Monster".  This player is like a combination of RPG Maker and Kamishibai together. 

Strengths: Everything.  It totally blows all other players into the dust.  More frames per animation (110 frames).  Special inverted effects for your Kamis.  The ability to convert Accursed Toys Kami files into SKClone Kami format.  File protection (so people can't steal images, music, or sounds) bigger images.  More options (I think like 8 or six) made for gaming really. 

Weakness: Just as with every player but the one made by accursed one uses it.  There are no games or stories to be viewed on it. No Siva clone enhanced games anywhere.  Another thing is that there is no technical support, if something goes wrong you're pretty much on your own.  No resources anywhere else either.  Also with all the added options and such you'll probably have some monster size files too! 

Overall: The SKClone Viewer is for people who want to take their Kamishibai to the next level.  Enhancements galore and options infinitum, here you have some great flexibility.  But sadly you'd be cruising in a ghost town at this time.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't use this player, I would like to see more SKClone games out there.

This one is more advanced than both SKClone and the Accursed Toys Viewers.  But not in a way that makes it superior, it just has advances in areas the other two didn't even try.

Strengths: Kamishibai text scrolling, on the site there is an interactive Kamishibai maker, Psycho large images, and page skipping.  What more could you want?  Also this one comes with an example story.  Which beats out the SKClone but leaves this Player deep in the shadow of Accursed Toys (318 stories that they can account for). The help file is also very interesting.

Weaknesses: Well it may include this that and the other but I have some SERIOUS problems with this player.  I find it personally hard to use.  The one story it comes with? Lucky if you get it to work.  Also it's aesthetically unpleasing.  It's also very buggy and in some places ill-made. 

Overall: You want to be a rebel and pioneer?  Give it a try!  It was a good idea but for ME personally didn't pan out.  Maybe one of you guys can prove me wrong.  Hmmm? 


Well for now that's it kiddies.  You can download which ever one you want to now.  I also give links back to the main pages of the Viewer makers.  Have fun and good luck! 

Accursed Toys Kamishibai Viewer:                here  (3164kb)

Siva Kami Clone:                                               here  (253kb)

Power Kami Player:                                           here  (573 kb)


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