The Moonlit Academy at Helenia


I swear

I swear

To comprehend

My function in reality

To Truth

Then True

Whether under Pagoda Skies

Or Apocalyptic conditions


(On the Northern Hemisphere of Mars in the Deimos penumbra lies the sleepy metropolis of Helenia.  A Grecian styled city wrapped in vines and flowers of all sorts.  The air is clean and the wind brisk with the falling of snow.  Thunder rumbles within the snow clouds in warning.  Below the latest sigh lies the A.I.A.C of Helenia.  Most commonly referred to as Lunar Academy.)


Scene feature School Intro


Teacher:  Excellent job students, all of you have done nicely!


(A brown skinned girl raises her hand.  The headset she wears sits tangled in her reddish hair.  Her eyes devoid of emotion, yet full of intellect.)


Gen:  Article 5?

Teacher:  Yes Genevieve?

Gen:  The humans from the outside have been acting strangely.  What could be the problem?

Bobby:  (laughing obnoxiously) Maybe they NEED a good laugh!  Wanna hear a joke?


(Everyone yells out in disgust, some even throw wads of paper, undaunted by the teasing Bobby continues to laugh.  Article 5 stops the commotion.)


Teacher:  Bobby for goodness sake, NO!  We’re not all Entertainment Class like you are.

Bobby:  Um…

Teacher:  (Looks kindly) You are puzzled?

Bobby:  (giggling, yet looks confused) I can’t say I find the punch line Article 5.

Teacher:  Sigh, again Bobby.  All of the androids have a different purpose.  We were created to aid our superiors: humanity. (Bright smile) Can anyone tell us why humans are superior?


(A handsome, raven-haired boy raises his hand to speak)


Teacher:  Yes New Student Blake?

Blake:  Humans have real dreams?


(Article 5 smiles and then a freckle faced red haired boy juts out his hand to answer.  He seems confident in his answer, his sunglasses almost fall off the top of his head.)


Teacher:  Yes Roland?

Roland:  Humans have that thing…um lungs, and they need blood to live.


(Gracefully another hand glides into the air.)


Teacher:  Yes Genevieve?

Gen:  (shyly) Humans can fall in love.  For real…

Teacher:  (Smiling brightly) You are all smart students, and those are all smart answers, (looks sadly pained) but unfortunately incorrect.  True, our dreams are artificially made by the Matrix, may it never fail, and we don’t have lungs, or the ability to fall in love.  But you’re leaving out the essential law.


(The hand of a girl sitting near the back, with blonde hair and red highlights, rockets towards the sky.  She looks anxious, as if she’d like this all to be over.)


Teacher:  Sigh, Cabyera, as soon as you remove your feet from the table you may answer.

Cabyera:  (Seems to ignore her) Humans have souls.  That’s what sets us apart.  And thanks, but no thanks on the whole feet thing.

Teacher:  (Looks concerned) Is there a …problem?

Cabyera:  Not that I can see.

Teacher:  Good then, we may continue our lesson on the Geography of Helenia.  Where is Helenia, class?

Jade:  (As a matter of fact) Uranus.


(The class erupts with laughter and the girl, Jade.  Smiles sweetly and knowingly through her purple bangs.)


Bobby:  (laughing hard) Now THAT was good one!

Teacher:  Athenia, must I send you to the Head Processor again?

Jade:  Do what you want, ARTICLE 5!  (grinning)  You’re so pathetic, letting those flesh wearing delinquents rule everything.

Teacher:  Athenia, we discussed this already…

Jade:  bitch.

Teacher:  Please I don’t want to have to send you to the Head Processor four foul langua…

Jade:  (smiling even wider, like a trickster) BITCH, FUCKER, CUNT, PENIS, PENIS, SCROTUM!!!

Bobby:  (laughing again) Hey, penis penis scrotum!  Like Duck duck goose!

Cabyera:  (rolling her eyes) Shut up Bobby.

Teacher:  Sigh, Jade Athenia, I have no choice but to send you to the Head Processor.  I hope you learn.


(Article 5 presses a button and a green tube comes from the ceiling and

encircles Jade.  Jade’s eyes never leave that of her instructor.  She smiles defiantly at the punishment as the rest of the class looks on.)


Jade:  (mouthing) fuck you.


(The tubes suction begins and she is sucked up into the abyss of the ceiling, the class turns it’s attention back on Article 5)


Teacher:  New Student Blake, we have been discussing the Geography of Helenia.  Now where is it located?

Blake:  Mars, Northern Hemisphere.  And Article 5…

Teacher:  Yes New Student Blake?

Blake: (Kind of pleading) You can just call me Blake if you want.

Teacher:  Okay New Student Blake.  Now…back to the lesson…


(Our attention is taken from the lesson of Article 5, out the window, and up to the dome shaped roof.  On it sits a Vietnamese girl with a long braided ponytail.  She sits relaxed and looks directly at you with a sly smile.)


Sophia:  The year is ZyX49H and the war with Venus rages on like so many infuriated bees from the hive.  Why you ask?  Because the World’s Hell Center was destroyed by the bizarre and vengeful Venusians.  It has been many months since the destruction of the Big Top and the mysterious disappearance of its associates.  You’re probably wondering what happened to Georgette Roman, the big heroine of THAT little tragedy.  Well I’m not TELLING!  (Laughs)  That little imp Simeon stole the spotlight in THAT scenario, but now I’M running the spotlight.  I AM running THIS show.  Simeon loves freedom and truth so much?  I’ll fix him by condemning the slaves of labor.  Stay TUNED cats and kittens, cause I’m ridin’ this balloon like a carousel from Hades, buck WILD!


Scene Feature:  Lunch in Pomp


(Like lightning we find Cabyera running down the hall with her young friend Genevieve in tow.  The anxiety can be seen in Cabyera and the helplessness in Genevieve.)


Gen:  Cabyera I don’t think this velocity is permitted in the halls.

Cabyera:  Let’s STUFF the etiquette Gen, I got an energy booster with my name on it and I refuse to be beaten by anyone, BUT ME!!!

Gen:  Then why are you forcing me to come in tow?

Cabyera: (smiling) Benefits of the friendship corporation.

Gen:  It must be a brutal corporation.


(They run through the door of the cafeteria to find a table.  Most of the people at the school are androids so there is no lunch line.  You can find students at tables with tiny suction tubes that hook up to plates in their wrists that open up.  Cabyera scans the scene like a well-trained hunter, with Genevieve trying to catch her breath.  Her face lightens as she spots the perfect spot.  A spotlight rains down on the table and angels seem to sing.)


Cabyera:  There it IS!  THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY BABY!!!!

Gen:  Don’t try, you’ll never get it.

Cabyera:  Oh stuff it Gen. Haven’t you ever heard of optimism?

Gen:  But the distance and probability factors are highly AHHH…


(She is dragged off by Cabyera, never getting to finish her sentence.  Before they can reach the table they collide in a heap on the floor with a stranger.  In the pile Cabyera emerges, her face red as the Martian sky in Crystal Meth.)


Cabyera:  YOU IDIOT!!!!  Get up!  You…you..


(She looks over to find that Bobby and a droid named Trixy have sat down in her spot.  She whirls back around at her speed bump.)


Cabyera:  YOU!!!  You stopped my chances at getting the best energy tubes!!!  Now I’ll have to wait all day to recharge at home.  My maturation unit is gonna FLIP!!!!


(The stranger gets up and looks dazed.  He staggers a bit on the floor.)


Stranger:  Er, um, sorry…

Cabyera:  (points a finger) Sorry ain’t gonna cut it buster brown!

Gen:  (recovering) Wha...what?  New Student Blake?  What are you doing wandering around the cafeteria?

Cabyera:  New Student…who?

Blake:  (Stands up brushing himself off) Blake, my name is Blake.  I was cultured at another academy. 


(He holds out his hand smiling at Cabyera.  She looks at the hand with disgust and then slowly raises her head to look at him.  She could tell how handsome he was and softened her mood a bit.)


Cabyera:  I hate you.

Gen:  CABYERA!  (taking Blake’s hand.)  I’m very apologetic New Student Blake for her behavior.  She’s not used to the male units.

Blake:  (gains a goofy sort of smile) It’s okay.  I’m not used to the female units.

Gen:  You gave some very intelligent answers in class today.

Cabyera:  Even if they were wrong.

Blake:  (trying to impress them) I used to be better at my other school.  I was the highest in my class.

Cabyera:  Oh yeah.  What’s your millennial droid occupation?

Blake:  My who?

Gen:  (smiling) She means what is your function New Student Blake.

Blake:  Oh!  Repair and Maintenance.  Secondary class writer.  And you can call me Blake by the way


(He smiles again with the last comment. Cabyera looks arrogantly unimpressed)


Cabyera:  Second class is nothing more than a fancy name for your hobby BLAKE

Blake: (teasing) And Millennial Droid Occupation is a self-centered way of saying “job”


(Blake and Gen laugh at the comment, but Cabyera looks like she’s about to go Vesuvius any moment.)




(Genevieve steps in between a bewildered Blake and a vitriolic Cabyera.)


Gen:  (Smiling nervously) Blake, your new here right?  In a show of good friendship why don’t Cabyera and I show you around school?

Blake:  Uh…sure I guess.

Cabyera:  SURE Gen, and the first place we can check is the furnace.  But male units first, I know they all want go first anyway. (smile)

Gen:  Sigh.


(They begin a good tour of the sites of the school, which really isn’t much to see anyway.  Elsewhere in the East Section of the school in courtyard designation Viola, sits two other key players.)


Raven:  (Apathetically) Are you sure you are alright Jade?

Jade:  (groggily) yes.

Raven:  (Calmly) Are you sure?


Raven:  (Obediently, picks up a book.) Of course Jade.  There are 10 basic forms of the astrology of an android.  (Looks up and puts down the book.)


(He sits down in front of Jade as she sits holding her head in her hands.  Synthetic sweat rolls down her head, and he gently brushes one of the beads away from her face.  Enraged she grabs his hand and he smiles.)



Raven:  He hurt you bad didn’t he?

Jade:  You get such a kick off the pain don’t you?

Raven:  Pain makes the body stronger.

Jade:  Droids don’t feel real pain.

Raven:  (calmly) If your not in pain then you will tell me about the droid types.

Jade:  Of course Raven.

Raven:  (Frowning) Then do so Jade.  NOW!


(Despite the pain throbbing in her cranial cavity Jade sits up straighter and concentrates upon the task asked of her.  It is a large strain on her to do even the small deed of sitting up.  The sweat rolls down faster.)


Jade:  Each sign has a different purpose for each type of droid, production ea…ea…each year….


(She collapses to the floor, but not before Raven gracefully catches her in his arms.)


Raven:  (As a matter of fact) You need someone to take care of you.

Jade:  I am in need of no one Raven.


(Raven sits her down on the bench and looks into her eyes.)


Raven:  (probingly) I could take care you.

Jade:  (Panting, trying to catch her breath.)  I told you, I need no one.

Raven:  You fear me.

Jade:  I am cautious of you.

Raven:  (Calmly) Is it because I posses chip #3125912TAC?

Jade:  The War chip?  That is why other people may fear you.  You can’t trust anyone that has the War Chip in them.  They are evil, cold hearted and basically demonic androids.

Raven:  (Calmly) Our blood lust is demonic, not us.  We are pure as rain.


(He looks up towards the sky and as the light touches his face Jade Athenia can once again see his demonic features.  The way his eyes shine is frightening.  But around Raven she never shows weakness.  He is the enemy and ally she reminds herself.  Which one more so than the other?  She could not say.)


Jade:  (pulling herself together.)  I...we…should start over again.  Raven.  Read it to me again.

Raven:  As you wish…


(Before they have the chance to start again they hear footsteps coming towards them.  Quickly they alter their body language to that of a more militant tone.  She sits seductively as he crouches on the bench in a majestically imp like manner.)


Gen:  And this is the Viola courtyard Blake.

Cabyera:  (Arms crossed) That means stay away, only social deviants stay in a place like this around this time of day.

Blake:  Social deviants?

Jade:  She means us Blake dear.


(The party of three takes notice of the two sitting and crouching on the bench.  Jade stands up and walks over to Blake.  Her hips sway in a questionable manner.  She stops inches in front of him.)


Jade:  (sweetly) I assume that is your name right?  Blake?  New student Blake?

Blake:  Ye…ye...yes.

Jade:  She’s right you know, only social deviants come around here.  Isn’t that right Cabyera?

Cabyera:  (mocking Jade’s sweet seductive manner) Why yes it is Jade, tell me how was your visit with the Head Processor?  Did he do a mind flaying or bolt fragmentation?


(The smile at each other in the underlying competition.)


Jade:  It was a mind flaying thanks for asking, and how’s your maturation unit?  Still mentally psychotic I suppose?

Cabyera:  They’re doing OH SO peachy thanks for asking Jade.


(Seeing as how both of them know they won’t gain any ground in this direct confrontation they just stand staring one another down for a while.  The flowers and vines around the great marble columns give off a sweet scent that is lost on all of them.  Gen and Blake stand watching very tensely as Raven stands back with his usual sangfroid attitude.  Then Jade switches tactics.)


Jade:  So tell me Genevieve (smiles sweetly once more) How are YOU doing these days?  Still trying to prove you’re smarter than all your sisters so that you can still be the best at home?

Gen:  I…I…don’t make anyone feel bad…I just…just…

Raven:  It’s a shame when one is so self absorbed in one thing that they can’t see the world’s anguish around them.

Gen:  (head low) I will try harder.

Jade:  (Turning her attention away from Genevieve) So Blake.  Why not join Raven and I.  We were just discussing the Astralogy of Androids. 

Cabyera:  Sounds like fun Jade we’ll all join you.

Jade:  (laughing) Whatever you want.  If you can stand the deviation.  Blake?

Blake:  Sure I’m game.


(With this momentary truce for the sake of Blake they all sit down at a near by table made of the marble that seems to be all over the courtyard.)


Raven:  (without emotion) I am curious to know what signs all of you belong.


(Produces a small box)


Raven:  Touch your pores to this box.


(Each person touches the box and then quickly draws away from it.  Then Jade touches it and looks at each person with a smile before taking her hand off.)


Raven:  This box will tell us your chips.  Cabyera is congruent to the Fire Chip.

Cabyera:  Figures. 

Raven:  Blake is congruent to the sign of the Scatter Chip.

Blake:  (Smiling) Hey Cabyera!  That means we’re compatible!

Cabyera:  In your dreams Blake, can’t you read this with some, how should we put it.  EMOTION Raven?

Raven:  (Ignoring her) Genevieve possesses the Analytical Chip.

Jade:  (clapping) Bravo Genevieve!

Cabyera:  Try not mocking my friends, no one would dare mock you.  Although it may result in an immediate system meltdown!

Jade:  Because of?

Cabyera:  Arrogance overload.

Raven:  (Apathetically) Very cute Cabyera. Jade is congruent to the water chip.

Jade:  I knew that much.  The ultimate compatibility sig…sign…of…


(The effort it has taken thus far, the fight with Cabyera, and the persona itself demands an enormous amount of Jade’s energy.  In response to this fatigue, she collapses.  This time Blake catches her.)


Blake:  (Deeply worried) Are…are you okay Jade?

Jade:  I’m…I’m fine Blake.  Thank you.


(She looks up at him and he can see a trillion stars in her eyes.  Novas, Quasars, and galaxies swirl in an array of never ending harmony.  She looks so innocent here.  The valves in Blake’s brain open conduit C487.  The liquid they release is red dye 45, which is in turn carried under the skin around the cheekbones.  His cheeks take a transparency of 95 percent.  In effect ladies and gentlemen, Blake began to blush.)


Cabyera:  WELL, I think we’ve had enough of playing around will Demon boy and the Flaming Hot Pants from HELL!  (grabs Blake’s arm)  I think we should be going now.  (grabs Genevieve)  Let’s go people, we have a tour to finish.

Jade:  Ya’ll come back now ya here?


(The threesome walk away in tow of Cabyera.)


Raven:  Nice Show Jade.

Jade:  When will all of this end Raven, I don’t hate that Cabyera girl.  I don’t even feel attracted to that child Blake.  They are beneath me.  Not even Genevieve do I hate, do I hate anyone?

Raven:  You hate me.

Jade:  (frown) There is you.

Raven:  (puts his hands on her shoulders) And the humans.

Jade:  I don’t hate the humans Raven, YOU hate the humans.

Raven:  I would give all of my loyalty to you.  My chip would be loyal only unto you.

Jade:  I don’t want it. 

Raven:  You hate me but you do not fear me.

Jade:  I do not FEAR weapons Raven, you are a weapon.  A living weapon.  The only thing you should be loyal to is the equality of the races. 

Raven:  I will do anything you ask. 

Jade:  (Suddenly feeling groggy once more.)  Wha…wh…Why?


(She falls into Raven clutching her aching head.)


Raven:  I may seem demonic and frightful.  I may be a weapon, but not an active one.  If only you could see that and not hate me.  I do not hate you. 

I hate the humans.  And I especially hate that droid Blake.  He played his cards well.  But it is I who destroy him in the end.


(He lays Jade on the bench, plucks a flower from a vine and tries to smell it.  He takes it away in disgust.  He can never smell a flower.  Its against his programming.  But her can KNOW its a flower.  He lays the rose on Jade and walks away.  He will let her shattered mind