After listening to that song it gave me this vision and I decided to write a short story about it, so here it is...(more notes at the end)

It was another hard day of hunting. The trio trudged into yet another bar..the usual for this pack. This place wasn't the usual though. They walked in and could hear the beautiful voice of a woman singing. They couldn't help, but to glance over and see where it was coming from. A gorgeous, slender colored woman stood on stage with a microphone standing in front of her. She wore a bright red silk dress with a slit up the side, exposing her leg a bit. Her hair came down 5 inches past her shoulders and was parted so that a portion of hair somewhat covered her right eye. A man playing piano was behind her, accompanying her voice with the wonderful piano music.
The three of the continued into the bar, sitting down at a table after being told by the bartender to sit wherever they pleased and enjoy the show. The place was empty, with the exception of a drunk guy at the bar and a couple making out in the corner of the place.
"Hey Emma, we got customers, stop making babies with your boyfriend and serve these people if ya' expect ta be gettin' a pay check this week," the bartender blurted.
The girl broke the kiss with her lover telling him, " I'll be right back baby, don't you go nowhere" She then headed to the group of three who looked displeased. "What can I get you guys?" The three of them ordered their drinks. They barely spoke much. The one girl in the group seemed to try to start a conversation. However it always ended with the one darker haired guy saying something stupid that made the lighter haired guy whack the back of his head. "How could I be stuck with these two," the girl mumbled to herself. She rested her head on her hand, looking over at the light haired guy. She smiled as if pleased. He may seem like such a hardass, but somewhere inside of him there was a kinder side. Her happiness was broken by the dark haired guy opening his mouth. "Last time I was in this bar I met some girl, but she's a lesbian now," he told them. A smack could be heard across the room. "What was that for? It's true," he reassured them. The girl glared at him, giving him a look that he deserved to be smacked by the other guy.
To make matters any better the drunk guy stumbled over to the table. "Ya got any money? Just a dollar to make an old guy happy," the guy tried saying convincingly, but only sounded like an idiot. The light haired guy grabbed the drunk man and pulled him closer to him by his ragged clothes, "What do you know about the bounty for Kerrigan Janis?" demanded the blonde. "Who? I duno wat you talkin' bout..I'll leave ya' 'lone..I just wanted a beer" the drunk man responded. "Don't play stupid with me I'll shove my foot so far your ass.." the hunter demanded. "Stop it! He knows nothing," The girl yelled at him. The almost blonde fellow threw the guy to the ground. "I'm outta here," he told her, heading toward the door, "You handle things your way and I handle mine my way. I can't handle this anymore. We'd be better off without each other. It just doesn't work." "Wait!" She screamed as she ran after him. She ran up behind him, throwing her arms around him
..."Please don't leave...we've shared so much together. I can't be without you." He stood still. Slowly he turned around and wrapped his arms around her.
Suddenly a big crash was heard throughout the bar. Everyone was startled by it. The two released th
eir grips on each other. " Don't mind that, it's just the quakes," the bartender reassured them. The girl looked back toward the man she was just hugging, but he was gone. She took a few steps, then stopped. The other guy threw his arms around her. "It's ok you got me." She felt anger rise up in her...lucky for him she held her anger in. They both sat back down at the table. The girl leaned back thinking about things.
The piano started playing again
(which had stopped when the quake hit). The girl looked up at the stage, her thoughts still in the back of her mind. The girl of stage started humming and soon enough began singing. The other girl listened carefully. For some reason she felt the urge to listen to this song. The dark haired fellow sat back drinking and rambling on about another story. She straightly ignored him and paid most of her attention on the woman on stage. It was as if the girl was singing this song directly to her.
When the song was over the girl walked off stage and down a hall. The other girl looked over at the idiot sitting at the table beside her, then glanced back at the mysterious woman strutting her way down the hall. The bounty girl stood up suddenly and headed toward the hall. "Where are you going?" Asked the dark haired guy, who was in the middle of telling another one of his outrageous stories. "I have to go to the bathroom," she explained without even taking a glance back at him, keeping her eye on the mystic singer.
She followed the woman, until she reached a door the singer had entered. Afraid the lady might be changing the hunter knocked first. "Come in," responded the gentle voice. The girl opened the door to see the lady in red placing things in a a suitcase. "I was waiting for you to come in...let's get out of here and sail away across the universe. I saw you with that guy. You're not thrilled to be with him and I can't stay here either. So let's get out of here together," the singer told her. "Are you crazy? Where are we going to go?" she questioned her. "Where
ever life takes us," she said smiling up at her. At that point the girl felt as if this girl was someone she had met before...perhaps in another life...or many past lives....someone she was always destined to meet up with. She returned the smile saying, "Let's blow this joint" With that the other girl closed her suitcase, lifting it off the bed. The two snuck out the window and flew off the planet into where...who knows...only time will tell...