The girl skipped through the sun shined drenched field, joining the others. They all were running around the field happily, except for one. One who sat down nervously watching the others. The girl who had just joined the group ran over to the outcast.

"Hello, My name is Consonance" the girl introduced herself, smiling and holding her hand out.
The girl sitting down smiled, shaking her hand," My name is Adina"
"Would you like to play with us?" Consonance inquired.
The shy girl nodded. The other girl grabbed her hand leading her to the others.

A boy looking similar to Consonance shows up soon enough. Consonance runs over to him, throwing her arms around him," Gall-san!" Her smiles brightens up more than before, she then leads him over to the colored girl. "Gall-san this is Adina" She looks over to Adina, "Adina this is my gaurdian angel Gall...I call him Gall-san cause he told me they use to say that in old Japan and that I once lived in Japan years ago in one of my lives. Gall-san knows a lot." Gall smiled with Consonance's words then shyly spoke up, "It's nice to meet you Adina" Adina blushed," Thank you, it's nice to meet a guardian angel...I've never seen one before"  Gall blushed as well. "Yup, he's a special angel, but he can be your friend too," Consonance told her. "Really?" Adina asked. Consonance nods, "as long as it's okay with Gall-san" He smiles, blushing too shy to look at Adina in her eyes, "I'd be honored.." Consonance grabbed the two of their hands, "Come on let's all play then." The three ran off to jump around freely in the field...

Notes: The music video for this song had a lot of influence. ^_^;  Not really though. I only wanted that whole bunch of people jumping in a field. The song is lighthearted and that's the feeling I got for this story. It's really short told when it needed to say and that's what matters