Kamishibai can certainly be found in more than one place.  Here are some links to affiliates and other sites that you may find useful or informative!  Maybe even a few completely un Kami related. Unless otherwise stated these sites are free. 


Original home of Kamishibai.  Boasting Hundreds of stories, it's a good place to start!  It is a paysite but there's a free zone for Kamishibai.  The money is worth it!  It's also here that you can find the Kami forums.

One of the longest running residents of the Kamishibai community!  On her site you can find some of her artwork and Kamis.  She also has a much more complete list of Kamishibai sites.

The Kamishibai Post

Kamishibai Post:

From the minds of Kamis yesteryear and today, this is the place to go to get some articles and editorials that can be very useful to Kami writers and artists!  Also a good place to turn in your own writings and reviews on Kamishibai. 

Antonio Barra's World of Stuff:

Toni has made some of the BEST Kamishibai available, his site is definitely worth browsing! 

Project AX:

This site houses many Kamishibai.  It was from the artists on this site that did "Amy Kitchen" and "Amys Kitchen: Guy's Story" that helped get me into Kamishibai in the first place. 


The Homepage for the interesting Kamishibai "Love Quest".  It had some very solid work.  You should give it a looksee. 



The longtime creator of several Kamishibai, namely the Star Soldier Polaris Series.  He is also the organizer of the Neverending Kamishibai Project. Tenchivibe is his personal webpage.  Check out the icons, they rock. 

Meagen's Webspace: 

A site for Kamishibai, among other things.  It was this place that was the leading Kamishibai review site.  Check it out to see her opinions. 

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The Shibai Directory:

The site for the work of Rikki Hyperion.  Wonderful work!  Although it shows her newest works, all of her old stuff is just as golden!

Ribby's World: 

From the maker of the "Hikawa Hijinks" series.  I personally enjoyed the story and would hope to see the characters in another story some other time.  

Fate Repeated:

Personal homepage of SuicideKiss.  She has work that includes writing and drawing.  And when you put those together?  You get Kamishibai!  Check her out!

Murder of Crows Kamishibai:

Megchans awesome site.  It's here that she houses her Kamishbai workings and whatnots.  The real meat however can be seen at the regular Murder of Crows website where you can see her really cool artwork. 


Linking to the Kamishibai Sanctuary

That's all for now!  If you have a site you want me to add (preferably with a banner) or something like that just give me a holler! Don't forget to check out and join the LJ community!

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