This isn't a kiddie one...this is rather disturbing in fact. I have a F*cked up mind ^_^ I was thinking of too many things at once for this one...don't worry this will probably be the worse story with the exception of "maybe" then again I never know cause who knows when I'll stop -_-;

"Why is he following me...he is always following...why won't he go's my fault...this is all of my fault...I wish he'd stop.."

The girl walked quickly trying to keep the man from catching up. She cut through an alley in hopes he wouldn't follow. Of course he had followed. As she headed down the alley a door opened. She was grabbed and pulled into the building. She screamed a bit, but her mouth was covered. "You don't want him to find you, do you?" the voice told her. She shook her head with the hand still over her mouth. He released his grip and headed down the hall, "Follow me" he commanded her. She followed right behind him. They headed up some stairs, down some halls, and finally into an apartment. "Are you alright? I've always seen you in the bar with that man.., but recently it seems like you keep trying to get rid of him and he won't leave you alone," the man said to her. She looked at the man's face, realizing who he was. "Oh no, everything's fine. I was...a bit...upset with him that's all...He drinks a little too much. I told him I didn't want to be near him when he drinks that much," she explained. "Oh, I see...You can stay here for a while if you'd like. I have plenty of room and it would be nice to have company for once," the man suggested. The woman felt like she shouldn't take advantage of his hospitality, however she did need to hide away from that man for a while. She grabbed her few things from her apartment and stayed at the man's house for a week.
After a week she couldn't help, but to visit the fellow at work. He had been working on writing this new song. She was anxious to see the people's reaction to it. She headed into the bar, taking a seat at a table in the corner. She watched the man carefully. She felt his voice and music flow throughout her body. The flow was interrupted by him...he took a seat across from her. "Where have you been? You haven't been at your apartment," he said to her. "Oh, I couldn't afford to live there. I had to move out," she explained. "Where are you living now? I hope you're not living on the streets. A pretty girl like you shouldn't be living on doesn't suit you," he told to her. "No, I'm fine," she assured him, not being too convincing. "You know you can always come back to my place," he paused," please come back...I miss you so much." Tears were forming in his eyes, "I look beside me and I can't stand it...please come back...even just for the night...please." She looked at his tears. A deep horrible guilt lay over her head. She didn't want to go back with him. She hated him. Yet she owed him so much. He helped her...and all she did was leave him. She looked down at his drink. It was full. It was always full. He never drank a thing. What a stupid lie she told her rescuer. She couldn't be with that angel...he was perfect and she was nothing less than a lying idiot. She looked at John. "Sure I'll spend the night," she told him. He smiled and grabbed her hand, leading her out. She took one last glance at the singer. He looked at her with a look that felt like he'd always be there for her.
Is he an angel? Is he a creation of God? Not many believe in that God stuff anymore and I thought I didn't. He always seems forgiving. Like how God is always forgiving...
They entered the apartment. John lead her into the bedroom. "I'm sure you must be tired. Let's go to bed," he told her, while removing his clothes. She just nodded and headed over to the bed. John sat down on the bed only in his boxers. "I'm sorry I don't have any night clothes, feel free to take off your clothes if you want," he suggested to her politely. "No I'm fine like this," she told him, laying on the bed. She stayed on her side with her back towards him. He put his arms around her. "I missed you so much. I love you so much. I want you to be with me forever. Promise me you'll be here with me forever," he cried to her. That guilt lay heavier over she. She decided to come back...she owed him so much...she hurt him so much...she had to stay.  "I promise I will stay with you forever until death do us part," she said to him.
She woke up and lay up in bed. "So it wasn't a nightmare," she told herself. That horrible smell filled her nose. She hated that smell. It always proved that what happened really did happen. She stood up, throwing on her clothes. She walked into the living room ashamed. She sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. She flipped through the channels, eventually stopping at what appeared to be a cartoon. She was surprised to see a cartoon late at night. "It's one of those Japanese cartoons...only old Japanese people watch these anymore.." she said to herself. She couldn't quite understand what was going on, but the guy was holding the girl's hand and they appeared to be running away from giant robots. The girl was in school uniform and the man was in a dress pants and a button up t-shirt with a tie. They finally got away from the robot and were locked into the man's apartment. "Oh teacher, you saved my life," the school girl said holding on to him. "It was nothing," he tells her. "How could I ever repay you?" she said looking up at him innocently. "Take off your clothes," he told her. "Oh teacher, Is it okay for a student and a teacher to do that sort of thing?" she questioned. He smiled at her warmly, "I love you...I have loved you since I saw that first day at school. I will quit if that's what it means to be with you" "I love you too...but I've never done this sort of thing before...please be gentle," she said to him. They kissed, removing each other's clothes slowly. Soon afterwards the scene was cut to the same robots chasing the teacher and a school girl. It wasn't the same school girl this time. The same thing happens. However the girl refuses, "I can't do this sort of thing...I'm not ready.." The teacher convinces the girl to do it. "how could anyone listen to a guy like that," the girl watching TV thought. The school girl wakes up in the morning and starts to cry. She runs into the kitchen and grabs a knife. She repeatedly stabs herself "up there". At that point the girl turned off the TV.
What a horrible show. How could anyone do that?...then again I feel like that sometimes...
The girl walked into the kitchen, grabbing a knife. She looked at her reflection. She was so beautiful...yet was hiding so much behind that face. She walked into the bedroom carrying the knife...maybe she could frame him...make it seem like he killed her...she did hate him...The man rolled over a bit, mumbling. She glanced at him quickly. She caused him so much pain...she couldn't do such a thing...maybe she should end his pain...he could be in heaven and be happy...what was she wasn't his was hers...he wasn't the bad guy, she was...she looked over at him, looking for an answer. She looked carefully over his body when she stopped over a certain part of his body. There it was looking right at her. There to mock her. There to make her feel guilty. There to prove it wasn't love. "You took me away for your own pleasures!" she screamed as she jammed the knife into his chest, "You only wanted to screw me! I was your fucking whore!" she repeatedly stabbed the knife into different areas of his chest. The blood poured out. She stopped stabbing him, breathing heavily, as tears flowed down her face. She looked at his empty eyes. What did you she do? She had to run. She had to get away. She stood up ran and kept on running. She didn't didn't know where. Her vision was blurred as she ran past people, not being able to tell who they were, yet she didn't care. She kept running, until someone grabbed her hand. She jolted back, "Let me go! I have to get away!" she screamed in fury. "Me too.." he said not letting go of her hand, "let's leave together." A sudden shock came over her as her vision became clear..
I should have refused him...I should have kept running...he saved my life that day...I owe him so much...he's just like an angel...I'm no good for him...I'll only bring him trouble...Especially when he finds out the truth...he'll hate me...I must leave him...This time I don't want to, but I must...not for my sake, but for his...once the opportunity arises I will flee this place and he will be rid of my evil...once again he can be a pure angel...