"What are your dreams for the future?"
"I'm going to be rich, get married to you hopefully, have kids, and live happily."
The girl smiled at his response. "You're not just saying that to make me happy are you"
He smiles down at her in his arms, "of course not. I want to be with you forever. No matter what happens I won't let you go."
"You promise?" she asked, looking up at him.
"I promise," he told her as they sealed the promise with a kiss..


"You didn't keep your friggin' promise though did you ," the girl spoke outloud pausing to take the last gulp out of her drink, "No...what fucking dreams...I can't believe you...why?" she started to yell causing a commotion in the bar. "I won't let you go...a lie...it took you two fucking seconds to get rid of my ass...what the hell is so fucking wrong with me...what did I do that was so freaking wrong?" she shouted breaking the bottle on the bar. At this point one of workers came over to her..."Ma'am please calm down ..or we'll have to ask you to leave." Her head hung low, "I'll escort myself out" she said as she left money on the bar and walked out. "You're such a jerk, why...a reason is all I want...I can't even get that...they were stupid excuses...god! I hate you!  You make no sense...you were even worse than the rest...I thought you were different but you only screwed me over," she nearly yelled again, very upset. She took a deep breath. Her hand swept across her face wiping away the tears. She waited a moment to compose herself.
Another normal night for the girl. Bar after bar, drink after drink...same problem...She noticed a large board with wanted signs...one them with a picture similar to herself. She looked at it. ""Grr...they can't spell my name right!" she yelled, grabbing a marker in her pocket and pulling it out," It's Kora with a K, not with a C!" She drew a K over the C on the paper. She slid the marker back into her pocket as someone spoke from behind her, "Tryng to make a name for yourself?" the voice asked. She quickly grabbed her gun and pointed it at the man's head, not even taking a second to look at him. The man just stood there, not moving. Her eyes finally focused on him and slowly lowered her arm. "Sly..," she said softly.  "It seems you've got yourself into some trouble," he said to her. "So?...what about you? Shouldn't you be dealing with business matters?" she asked, keeping her voice low. "I heard about your mishaps and decided to seek you out myself," he explained to her. Her head hung low as to not look at him, "Come to kill me, huh? heh..." she said, then turned the gun around holding her hand around the slide and receiver, the handle pointed toward him, "kill me then.." He pushed at gun away, "I'm not here to kill you, I'm here to help you."  She looked at him in a bit of surprise, "You want to join me?"  "Yeah, I need a challenge," he smirked. She smiled at him. "Alright then...let's get out here...they'll catch up with us soon enough," she suggested to him. He tore the wanted poster of her off of the board, then began to speak, "No need to worry about them. I already paid for the damages you did. The force isn't after you anymore." She looked at him in shock and upset, "Why did you do that? You didn't need to" He shrugged, walking away, "No big deal. Let's go get us some bounties." She followed behind him, "I don't get this at all. Why this all of a sudden? " He stops turning around to look at her, coldly, "Don't get the wrong idea. I'm in it for the kills and it's easier to travel in pairs...besides you know more about this than I do. If you fuck up once I will go out on my own." She nodded in agreement afraid to question him more, "I got it. Let's get going"

Notes: I don't think the story will ever cover this, but honestly Sly found her because he relized that his life was too boring and he was envious of how she seemed to be enjoying herself. Of course he's too stubborn to admit defeat (even though he wasn't defeated ^_^; it's just the conception of the idea though)  The beginning is how you'll have dreams and plans for the future when you're with someone and all of those dreams go away when you break up. A sad part of relationships =/ It's never good to have anyone's dreams destroyed. However relationships breaking up have to happen sometimes. Just really sad I guess =/  Her name is really supposed to be Cora with a C, however she thought it looked better with a K and decided that she'd spell it with a K.