The girls walked into the joint. The music was blasting and the beat was grooving. The dance floor was filled. Yet, the place had class. This was no normal bar. Not on any standards. The large band sat on stage playing thier hearts out. The singer was all over the place. The crowd was loving it. They always had. This was the most happening place in all of Cadency. The only happening place in town.
"Are you sure we should be here? We're underdressed and don't fit in. Won't that just cause more attraction to us?" the colored girl said, worriedly. "Since when do you worry that much? You wanted to get out of Dawning and now you're bitchin' about where I take ya'," the girl told her and she waved to the singer, who smiled back, heading toward the two. Without the other girl noticing the man moving toward them she says "Hey, I got you away from that guy, let's get outta here before we cause a scene." The man approaches the two, microphone in hand. "That's the point of being here," the bounty girl tells her as her hand is taken up by the man with the microphone. He begins to dance with one girl. They dance all over the floor. The crowd stands back and watches. Some of the girls have looks of jealousy at the couple gracing the dance floor. The other girl stands back watching, wondering why she chose to leave that town with this girl. She should have known better than to choose a careless person. The two stopped dancing at which point the singer declared it was time for his break.
"Let's hit the table and we'll catch up stranger," the man told her. She looked back at Adina, signaling her to come over. She followed the other two to a table in the corner, a bit sealed off by everyone else. The band continued playing as another guy began to sing. The three sat down at the table and ordered drinks. "You finally lose those guys and came to claim me as yours?" the man asked Kora with a smirk. "You wish, " she told him smirking back, leaning back a bit, " I ditched them...err...well the one guy ditched me and I ditched the other one." She laughed a bit at the irony. "Told ya he was no good for ya'  should just stay here with me," he told her. "But if I did that I wouldn't be a bounty hunter no more and you wouldn't get the girls all over you. The one older one was eyeing you while we were on the dance floor," she reminded him. "The blonde one?" he asked. "Yeah," she responded. "She's married, crazy lady try hooking up with me...very tempting though, she's very hot."  "Did you lay her?" she asked. "everything but, said she'd feel too guilty," he told her. "heh, just your luck," she said. "So who's this pretty lady?" he refers to Adina. "She can introduce herself," Kora says, looking at her.  Adina gives a look of shock, yet anger at Kora then tells him, " oh, my name is Adina". "What a pretty name, but not as pretty as you" he says. The other girl laughs at him, "You and your fibs." "You got me...she's got an ugly name, but I can't help it if she is beautiful woman," he says. "You'd think any woman was beautiful if you think you had a chance of getting her in bed," she jokes, laughing at her comment. "hey now...what about you? You went from hanging out with two guys to a single girl. What's up with that?" he says. "Eh? You wanted me to bring the two guys instead? " she remarks, turning the joke around. "heh, I'm striaght.Well it's good to see you again doll.  You need to stop by more often," he said to her. "Do you mind if I sing?" Adina interrupted. The two of them looked at her surprised. "Can you sing?" he asked, not really sure to let the girl up on stage. Kora smiles, "She's got a wonderful voice, give her have a chance." "Alright, I trust you but if it's bad you owe me big time," Vinny says to them. "ha! me owe anyone? I doubt that," she said with smirk.
Vinny lead her to the stage and introduced her to the crowd. The band started up and no sooner her voice boomed through out the place. Smiles spread across their faces. The men seemed intrigued. Adina glanced across the room, looking for her prey. She didn't seem alone in this plan of action. Sure enough at a table near the stage Kora has situated herself, looking around at the crowd. Adina belted out on last note, soon after the band stopped. She was rewarded a standing ovation. Adina walked off stage, gracefully moving over toward Kora. Kora smiled at her, knowing this was a good place to hit. Adina took a seat, as the band continued with another song. No sooner before Adina was seated was she was invited to sit with other men. Kora and Adina looked at the men. With a nod to each other.
Adina stood up sliding herself over to a young fellow in a booth. They talked for hours and eventually left the joint. He took Adina to a hotel. Adina began to feel a bit nervous about this. She had done this before, but this time this wasn't some lowly guy. The man motioned for her to sit on the bed as he poured some wine.  She took a seat, feeling the sweat run down her face. Keep calm she told herself. He gave her the glass, taking a seat on the bed beside her. They talked for a while and eventually finished off the wine. Adina felt a bit more relaxed by now. He made his move. Adina felt his hand slip behind her attempting to reach the back off her dress, while he kissed her passionately. Adina was ready to scream, not ready to do this. Where the hell is she Adina though. Adina felt the zipper slide down her back. Her hands stayed around his neck, trying to keep herself from smacking him. All of a sudden Adina heard a loud gunshot and the guy feel over on her motionless.  "Stupid fuck...doesn't he know there's no sex on the first date?" a voice said. Adina screamed and jump away from the man with a bullet in his head. Kora quickly jumped over the bed, covering Adina's mouth. "Don't make anymore noise...we've already made enough noise," Kora told her. Adina looked at the man. She was just kissing him and now there he was with this gash in his head that would be fatal. While Adina stood there in horror, Kora grabbed his money and any valuables she found on him. Kora then headed to the door, "Come on let's get out of here." Adina stood looking at the man in disbelief. This was the second time she had seen a guy dead before her eyes. Kora look at Adina, realizing the dilemma," zip up your dress and let's get out of here.  Don't worry about him. He was a drug dealer. He kills people on a daily basis. No big deal". Adina slowly zipped up her dress, still looking him. She felt so wrong and so dirty...maybe it would have been better just to have sex with him. Kora grabbed her hand. 'We gotta get the hell out of here before they find us here" Kora dragged Adina down the hall and out of the building...

Notes: I was listening to the one song and just got them going into this swing club. However it had no point to it ^_^; So the other song was added. What about Vinny? Adina talked to that rich you think Kora just sat back and watched? She went back to hanging out with Vinny between sets. In fact she forgot to keep an eye on Adina and didn't realize she left. It was her plan to do this and she got sidetracked. That's why it took a while for Kora to get there. She had to kinda search for them. Explaining that just seemed uninteresting and would have ruined the flow -_-;