My Kamishibai

    So you actually came here to view my Kamishibai?  My my, may the devil have mercy on your soul.  Or not.  Yeah, anyway this where you'll find all my Kamishibai.  Take a look around and see if you see anything you like okay?  And if you do like something don't forget to contact me and let me know what you think.  Giving your opinions is very helpful to any Kamishibai maker, so be generous with them. 

Maiden Co. Productions:

The first and main line that I produce Kamishibai under.  Maiden Co. is meant to stand for high quality intellectual, moral, and inspiring stories.  

Sexy Type Outlet:

This moreover is what it says.  This line is meant for my more risqué type stories, or ones I wouldn't suggest that just anybody download and read.  So if you're minor I would suggest going elsewhere. 

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