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Cu Bono Cu Bono

A story rife with dark humour concerning the enslavement of human souls. Five young girls are about to have their lives change from deathly dismal to desperately chaotic thanks to the efforts of a young sadist.

Part One: Here
La Blanche La Blanche

It is said "As it above, it is below", however that leaves all the space in between. This features a myriad of dimensions that encompass those in between spaces.

Part One: Here                   

Part Two: Here

Part Three: Here

Part Four: Here

Part Five: Here

Part Six: Here

Part Seven: Here

Part Eight: Here

The Innuendo Crew The Innuendo Crew

In a world full of innuendo who can possibly be there to exploit it? The Innuendo Crew, that's who! This afterschool mega team will have you laughing lickety split. What will the team do when a cock is stolen? Find out! Extreme discretion is advised though, cause yeah...very politically incorrect. This was made for the Kamishibai 24 hour challenge.

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