Two literally star-crossed lovers divided by the river of the Milky Way.  Destined to meet only on the seventh day of the seventh month of the year. This is the legend at the very center of the Tanabata Festival held  every year in Japan.  Colorful streamers and lanterns hang about the malls and shopping districts announcing the arrival of the Star Festival!  So during this wondrous event the Kamishibai community is holding a month long competition for all the artists out there!   It'll take a keen imaginative mind to win that cash prize so give it your all!  

Or if you'd like you could win a 12 Month subscription to as a grand prize winner and 3 month subscriptions as runner ups!

***Or if you'd like you could win a 12 Month paid account as a grand prize winner or 6 month paid accounts as runner ups! (However I advise you already have accounts made for that.

Deadlines and Submission

The contest deadlines are from July 7th to August 7th (The Two dates the Star Festival is usually held in Japan). So that means no submissions earlier than July 7th or later than August 7th.  That's that limit folks.

All submissions should be placed in a zipped format and sent to:

You must include:

<>The Artist name you go by.

<>The name of the Kamishibai you're using.

<>The author's name from that Kamishibai.

<>A few comments concerning your art piece (if you'd like. It's not required). 

<>Also list what place you'd like the certificate to if you win. 

<>Add the subject line "Tanabata" to your email 

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