The Statuary

Yes My love

You may have your pick of any

You may choose from the few and many

Death is their dream come real                                                     

The Martian Epic

The Sorrow Chronicles 

Hopeful Stranger Saga

Never Say Never Records

Odd not Even Odyssey

A twisted Story based on the Martian surface.  It takes place in a space age where man has ascended to the stars and Venus and Earth are at War.  Symbolism of things both mental and real play here.  It's takes a focused mind to relate within the Martian Epic.

Epic I:

The Big Top

Epic II:

The Moonlit Academy at Helenia
















Emotion and suffering run rampant against the backdrop of a Starless Void. This is the journey of Sorrow, her loves, and the minions of Destiny.  With characters speaking in coloring this provocative feature is sure to keep you captivated.  Open your heart to The Sorrow Chronicles.

Chronicle 1

Part one:

Nameless Void   

Chronicle 2*

Part two:

White Raven Apocalypse 









Young Bounty Hunters, Lounges, and music based storylines.  These stories take on strong overtures of Cowboy Beebop.  Yet they have a flavor all their own.  Get in beat with The Hopeful Stranger Saga.

Saga One:

Ms. Celie's Blue's

Saga Two:


 Saga Three:

Wherever You Will Go

Saga Four:

No Rain

Saga Five:

ZootSuitRiot/Big Spender













For those who think young, this is the place.  The strange and misfitted can come here to live and play.  This is the realm for Miscellaneous stories from varied artist.  Give them a good glance.  You may find fandom rise up in your soul.  

Odyssey 0.1:

Perfect Lives

















    This is the Statuary, a zone in another world where we store histories and observations of some weird and bizarre societies and civilizations forgotten by time.  Actually it's a place where you can find stories and  Bossa Plays".  Bossa Plays are plays that combine story and script elements to make reading quicker and a new experience all together.  Usually they are deep, representing the character's you can probably find in the author's external environment.  You can also send in whatever you write and we'll post it in the "Odd not Even Odyssey".  The section was made for aspiring artist and writers to post some of their original works.  Mind you, some of the things up here are not complete and will grow once more materials are received.  If you get confused just know that all uncompleted works have an asterisk mark.  Enjoy the synergy of "The Statuary".


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